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Financial Services

Personal Credit Card

Central Bank also offers comprehensive credit cards for your daily personal transactions. In partnership with ©TCM – Total Card Management, we make it easy to choose a credit card that can help you earn rewards while managing your day to day expenses.

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Comprehensive financial solutions from Central Bank.

Visa Check Card

Visa Check Card allows you to access the money in your checking account wherever Visa cards are accepted.  Using the Visa Check Card is faster and easier than writing a check and the card is accepted in many places a personal check is not.  For even greater convenience, you receive a detailed description of every card purchase on your monthly statement.

As with all financial transactions, please exercise discretion when using an automated teller machine (ATM) or night deposit facility. For your own safety, be careful. The following suggestions may be helpful: ATM/Night Deposit Precautions.

SecurLOCK Equip

Peace of mind is in your hands – Protect your cards directly from your phone with the new SecurLOCK Equip App!

Left a store without your card? Lock it until you get it back. Shopping around the neighborhood? Set the card to work only where you are. Providing a card to your college-bound child? Receive alerts and monitor their spending.

SecurLOCK Equip gives you the ability to control how, when and where your payment cards are used. A simple and secure way to protect yourself and your loved ones from fraudulent transactions, SecurLOCK Equip provides real-time transaction alerts for a whole new level of control.

To learn more or to download the FREE app, search for SecurLOCK Equip in your Google Play® or iTunes® app store.

Click here to learn more about SecurLock Equip and instructions on how to get started.


Also available is our fraud alert management service for your debit card, designed to provide you – our customer with the opportunity to interactively engage in our fraud protection and detection strategies and decrease unrecoverable fraud losses.

SecurLOCK includes real-time, two-way SMS text for quicker fraud identification and prevention, as well as interactive voice and email fraud notifications if no response is received from you by text or phone calls. If you need to contact our Fraud Department regarding an alert you received, they can be reached at 800-369-4887.

Here is an example of the alert message:

  • FreeMsg: Central Bank Fraud Dept 8003694887: Suspicious txn on acct 1111: $201.99 STORE. If authorized reply YES, otherwise reply NO. To Opt Out reply STOP.

If the customer replies YES the case will be closed as not fraud and they will receive the following response:

  • FreeMsg: Central Bank Fraud Dept: Thank you for confirming this activity. Your account is safe for continued use. To Opt Out reply STOP.

If they reply NO the Automated Call System will generate an outbound call to the cardholder during available calling hours. The cardholder will be asked to identify security and the call will then be transferred to a Fraud Alert Specialist. The cardholder will also receive the following response:

  • FreeMsg: Central Bank Fraud Dept: Thank you. We will call you or you can call us anytime at 800-369-4887. To Opt Out reply STOP.

Please take the time to verify that we have your current contact information so you can receive all alerts.

Shop online with confidence. Help prevent unauthorized card usage with Verified by Visa. Click the Verified by Visa logo below to learn more!

Verified by Visa Link

Click Here for an Important Notice Regarding Non-Visa Debit Card Transactions

Central Bank Credit Card

Central Bank Credit Card is accepted worldwide at businesses, financial institutions and ATMs. We make it easy to choose a Visa or MasterCard credit card that is right for you, whether for business or personal use. Credit card offers are available through TCM.

Other Banking Services

These services are offered for the convenience of our banking customers.  Fees may apply.

  • Automatic Transfers
  • Cashiers Checks
  • Direct Deposit
  • Safe Deposit Boxes
  • Stop Payments
  • Wire Transfers ()
  • Zero Balance Sweep