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A Banking Blog with Information Centered Around You.

The Central Bank banking blog is your go-to source for insight aimed at helping you better manage your finances -- and continue working toward your personal and business banking goals. Read on, soak up useful information and stay in the know. Our banking blog is here to help.


Lending News You Can Use: How to Apply for a Small Business Loan

It’s an undertaking virtually every entrepreneur must address at some point in their journey: how to apply for a small business loan. With so much riding on the outcome, and so many options out there, the task can seem daunting. The good news is, breaking things down into a few easy-to-follow steps can make the entire process more manageable. Read on for a high-level explanation of how to apply for a small business loan.

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The Local Bank: What it is, and the Benefits it Offers

We talk frequently about Central Bank’s status as a local bank, but what exactly does that mean? After all, any given town can play home to a large number of financial institutions. Does every bank achieve the moniker? The short answer, of course, is no — but the longer answer requires a bit of explanation. Read on to learn what distinguishes a financial institution as a community or local bank, and the benefits associated with doing business with one.

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Understanding Our Lingo: Equal Housing Lender and FDIC Coverage

If you've done much online banking, or even seen bank ads on TV, you might have noticed Member FDIC and Equal Housing Lender labels. Financial institutions certified as equal housing lenders conduct business in accordance with anti-discrimination laws that concern the financing of property based on race, religion, national origin, sex, handicap or familial status. It’s all about creating a fairer playing field and ensuring everyone has access to quality service.

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What Every Business Should Know About Commercial Loans

Commercial loans can serve as a useful way to get a new endeavor off the ground, or to help a long-established business take its next steps toward growth. But with so many options out there — and so many financial institutions to choose from — the prospect can feel overwhelming. Central Bank’s commercial loan experts have pulled together a high-level overview aimed at helping you better understand the types of business loans available to you, a few considerations to keep in mind and the steps you should take to get started.

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The Financial Benefits Factoring Services Offer

Factoring services can rank among the most important elements in a company’s toolbox. They allow for improved cash flow. They offer peace of mind. They make extra funds available without additional debt. Still, they remain a mystery to many businesses. What exactly are factoring services, and what can they offer companies like yours? Read on for an overview from Central Bank and our affiliate factoring company, Advantage Business Capital.

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Patient Lending Solutions: Insight for Medical Practices

There’s been a growing trend in recent years of medical professionals seeking out patient lending solutions. This approach typically involves a partnership between the medical practice and lender, who work together to provide patient loans with agreeable terms. Central Bank offers healthcare practice solutions through a partnership with Epic River, and we find that such agreements offer benefits to patient and practice alike.

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Business Savings Accounts Offer Peace of Mind and Added Assurance

When it comes to running a business, savings accounts are just as important as they are for personal finances. Business savings accounts help you create a solid financial foundation while protecting your business from seasonal ups and downs. At Central Bank, we’ve been helping companies find success though personalized banking service and a range of account offerings, including savings. Here’s what you need to know about opening and managing a business savings account.

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Your Financial Plan: End-of-Year Financial Checklist for Houston Small Businesses

The year’s end isn’t just a time for festive celebrations and time with loved ones — for small businesses, it’s prime time to dig in on a financial plan. Houston ranks among the top 20 cities where small-business owners are thriving, and 97% of our city’s businesses have fewer than 100 employees. At Central Bank, we are dedicated to ensuring our friends and neighbors have what they need to remain poised for success. Read on for a handy financial checklist to help you evaluate your current standing, make adjustments where needed and enter into the new year a bit better prepared.

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An Inflation Explanation: Its Causes, Impacts and Beyond

Even if you aren’t a regular reader of the newspaper’s financial pages, chances are you’ve heard talk of inflation. It’s an economics term referring to an overall price increase for the goods and services people use each day, and it’s been making headlines in recent months. But why do prices increase with time — and how exactly does it impact the people and businesses in affected areas? We’re glad you asked. Read on for a helpful inflation overview from your friends at Central Bank.

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Secured Vs. Unsecured Pool Loans: Understanding the Difference

If you’ve ever done any research into swimming pool loans, there’s a chance you’ve come across verbiage that raised a few questions. Namely? The idea of a loan being “secured” or “unsecured.” This distinction has nothing to do with your lending institution’s ability to provide you with funds. Instead, it’s all about what is required of you, the borrower. At Central Bank, we believe that having a better understanding of the terms and practices makes for a better loan process for all involved. Read on for a closer look at secured and unsecured pool loans — and a few tips to make the process simpler.

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